Loading multiple Point Cloud files
Posted by Jacob Wall on 07 January 2016 02:12 PM

Loading multiple Point Cloud files with MicroSurvey CAD 2016

While importing a Point CLoud file into Cyclone is a fairly easy to follow procedure, it is not entirely intuitive how to load mulitple files into the same database. The steps below aim to illuminate the procedure.

  1. Open MSCAD 2016 and load the drawing where you wish to import the Point Cloud into
  2. From the PointCloud ribbon tab select Import Cyclone to establish the Cyclone connection, then close the dialog
  3. Launch the Cyclone Viewer from: Windows - All Programs
  4. Right-click on the (unshared) server under SERVERS and select Databases...:
  5. Click Add to make a new database:
  6. Enter a name for the database, then click OK:
  7. Click Close then right-click on the new database and select Import:
  8. Browse to the location of your Point Cloud files and select the first file to Open:
  9. Click on the "+" sign next to your Database name to expand it, then right-click on ModelSpace 1 and select Import:
  10. Browse to the location of your Point Cloud files and select the next file to Open
  11. Repeat Step 10 as required
  12. Switch to MSCAD, and again from the PointCloud ribbon tab select Import Cyclone:
  13. Browse for the Point Source:
  14. Right-click on the ModelSpace 1 and select Create View:
  15. Once the View is created, click the "+" sign next to ModelSpace 1 and then select ModelSpace 1 View 1:
  16. Click Open and then OK to load the points from both/all Point Cloud files

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