MicroSurvey embeddedCAD 2018 Known Issues
Posted by Brian Sloman on 24 April 2017 10:42 AM

Date Reported: November 2, 2009

Status: Confirmed (10.1.0)

Problem: When running embeddedCAD under Windows Vista or newer, the "What's This?" Help feature may not work.

Solution: If you wish to use the "What's This?" Help feature, you may need to download and install an update from Microsoft, because Windows Vista and newer does not ship with the WinHelp32 viewer. Please refer to the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article for more information. Please note, the main Help files will work without this update.

Date Reported: October 6, 2016

Status: Confirmed (15.0.0)

Problem: Computing an area using the FastArea command may produce imprecise answers which may vary depending on your zoom level.

Cause: The perimeter is determined using AutoCAD's Boundary Polyline command, which uses the displayed pixels to smooth the resulting polyline and may eliminate small details around the perimeter that are not apparent at the current zoom level.

Solution: Users are advised to use the "Fast Area" command for fast and easy approximations, and to verify their calculated areas using the "Calculate Area by Point Numbers" command for maximum precision. The Fast Area command may be redesigned in a future update so as to not use AutoCAD's Boundary Polyline command for determining the boundary.

Date Reported: April 30, 2017

Status: Confirmed (18.0.0)

Problem: The new ribbon interface shows all commands for embeddedCAD Premium (including the MsModeling and MsDesign tabs), even if you are running embeddedCAD Standard. While they are displayed on the ribbon, most commands located on the MsModeling and MsDesign tabs will not function if you are running embeddedCAD Standard because they require a Premium license.

Solution: embeddedCAD Standard users can hide the MsModeling and MsDesign ribbon tabs by right-clicking over the ribbon and unchecking them under "Show Tabs". MicroSurvey will investigate methods to automatically hide the MsModeling and MsDesign ribbons while running embeddedCAD Standard in a future version.

Date Reported: May 1, 2017

Status: Confirmed (18.0.0), Fixed (18.0.0)

Problem: Several commands do not function when started from the ribbon, toolbars, or legacy menus.

Solution: New installation packages were posted immediately with a fix for this problem. It is the same build version ( but includes a new customization (.cuix) file containing the correct command definitions.

Date Reported: May 26, 2017

Status: Confirmed (18.0.0), Fixed (18.1.0)

Problem: Using Properties Dialog to modify properties of "Smart" point nodes can cause crash

Workaround: You can switch the layer a point is drawn on by highlighting the point in Active Coordinate Editor and selecting Edit | Change Selection layer.  This is a more efficient way of switching layers as it prevents AutoMap from resetting layer properties in later point operations.

Solution: This has been fixed in the embeddedCAD 2018 SP1 update.

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