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Posted by Jason Poitras on 07 December 2006 11:45 AM

1) Start MapScenes Pro and on the splash screen pick OK to continue.

2) Log in to MapScenes Pro and start a new scene. Enter in any scene notes and pick OK to continue.

3) At the ENTER SCENE NAME screen, enter a name for the job to download. (I personally use the Agency Case Number as my file name), the press SAVE to continue.

4) On the GENERAL SCENE CONFIGURATIONS dialog, make sure the units are set correctly (most will have this set to feet), and the drawing scale set to something that makes sense for what you wish to print this scene at (set to 10 for 1"=10' and 100 for 1"=100'). Then Press OK to continue.

5) MapScenes Pro will ask if you want to DOWNLOAD A TOTAL STATION OR DATA COLLECTOR TO THE PC. Pick YES to continue.

6) In the DOWNLOADING - CONFIRM. dialog, in Step 1, you will have to enter your instrument make and model (in this example choose Nikon 300/400), then in Step 2, you must enter the same scene name that you entered previously - BUT - you must include a .RAW extension. Do not change the default location to save the file. Then press OK to continue.

7) MapScenes Pro will display a READY TO RECEIVE DATA dialog that will list the COM port you are downloading from, as well as all the parameters for your Total Station (make sure they all match your total station settings). To change any parameter you will need to select the CHANGE CURRENT PARAMETERS button, change the parameters, as required and pick OK to return to the previous dialog. Then press DOWNLOAD NOW to continue.

8) When the READY TO RECEIVE DATA dialog appears (which contains the steps to follow on the total station and computer to complete the download), press the START RECEIVING DATA button. The RECEIVING DATA dialog will appear. At this point MapScenes Pro is waiting for the Total Station to start sending its data.

On the Total Station:

9) Turn on your Nikon NPL-352 total station. Tilt the scope to awaken the instrument.

10) Press MENU, press 5 (Comms) and ENTER, then select 1 and press ENTER .

11) At the Download menu, select the Job you want to download and press ENTER, press ENTER for Format and ENTER for RAW.

12) On the Total Station press ANG button to send the data to your PC. MapScenes will record and display the number of Bytes received from your instrument.

On the Computer:

13) Upon completion of the download, MapScenes Pro will display a notice that a Back Up copy of your job has been made and will give the location of the file (take note of this location). Press OK to continue.

14) On the IMPORT TOGGLE CHECK dialog, all boxes should be checked except, description translation. Press OK to continue.

15) MapScenes Pro will display an ENTER RAW DATA FILE dialog, use the browse button and scroll to the location of your file (Remember - the file will be a .RAW data file and will look something like 12345 2003_01_01_12_55_22). This is the RAW data file that you downloaded with the date and time that the download took place. Double left click on this file or pick on it once to highlight the name and pick OPEN to continue.

16) MapScenes Pro will ask if you want to bring the file into a NEW or EXISTING scene, make the appropriate selection (normally this is the NEW option), MapScenes Pro will ask for the SCENE MEASUREMENT FILE NAME, and will most of the time place the name of your file in the window for you, if not enter the file name (keep it short and simple) and press OPEN to continue.

17) The SKIP EDITING SCENE MEASUREMENT DATABASE FILES dialog will appear, select YES (unless you need to make a correction to the data or you simply wish to review the data).

18) MapScenes Pro will ask if you want to RECOORDINATE SCENE MEASUREMENT DATABASE FILES, select YES to continue (if you don't, the shots you recorded will not appear on the screen or be in the database).

19) When the POINT EDITING dialog appears, enter 0 for the X, Y, Elevation boxes. Press OK to continue.

20) On the RECOORDINATE POINT REPORT LOG, leave as is, press OK to continue.

21) The shot log will then appear in a large window. Print this (file menu down to print) and keep the hard copy. Close the shot log (X in top right corner of the window).

22) Close the MapScenes Pro Assistant, then press ZOOM EXTENTS to see the complete scene. All of the points will now be on screen.

On the Total Station:

23) On your Nikon Instrument press ABORT and power down.

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