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Configuring RTK Link with Leica GS14,15,16 and 18
Posted by James Johnston on 28 May 2018 03:35 PM

Using Leica myWorld to Identify Radio and Firmware for Configuring RTK Link with Leica GS14, 15, 16 and 18 


In some cases users are having issues trying to configure the RTK link with their Leica GS Series GNSS Rovers (GS 14,15,16, and 18). This is because there is a long list of modems that appears in the link configure window of Field Genius for users to choose from. 


It is important to know and confirm the internal modem of the instrument in order to make an accurate selection of the modem model for Field Genius to be able to configure the RTK link. Users can use Leica Myworld to confirm their internal modem and radio models to help them choose the correct configuration for the RTK link. Users can also check the current firmware on the GNSS units, this is important to know in case further troubleshooting is required. 


Follow the Instructions below on how to use Leica myWorld to identify the internal modem, radio and firmware on LEICA GNSS units: 


1) Log into your LEICA MyWorld Account or Register for an account at this Link  

2) Under My Applications Choose My Products 

3) Add Product 

4) Enter in the Serial Number &  Article Number or Serial Number & Equipment Number 


5) Once your product has been added it will appear in the listing



6) Select the product you want to review 

7) In the overview you will find information for current radio modems and firmware installed on the unit 





8) If you need to download a different version of firmware for the device, go to the SOFTWARE tab and there is a pulldown option to select the available firmwares you can install








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