INTERNAL ERROR when performing an operation that refreshes points in embeddedCAD 2018
Posted by James Johnston on 16 July 2018 11:17 AM

In the current embeddedCAD 2018 Service Pack 1 there is an issue that is triggered when points are somehow being refreshed or redrawn and a layer that has a point ID or text label affected by this operation is locked.

Users will see an error like:


INTERNAL ERROR: !dbobji.cpp@8440:eNotOpenForWrite


It may be followed by a message that "embeddedCAD Cannot Continue" and the program will then close.



This problem can be triggered by a number of possible operations:

  • Rescale complete Drawing
  • Points Refresh
  • Update Drawing from Database
  • Active Coordinate Editor | Change Selection Layer
  • Labeling a line when "Auto Add Database" is checked on in System Toggles
  • Moving a point such that it needs to be redrawn
  • etc...



This is easy to prevent.  Open up the drawing and then open Layer Properties in the Layers group of the Home Ribbon

Click once or twice on the Header labeled "Lock" in the layer editor

This will re-sort your layers list so that all the locked layers (indicated by a closed padlock icon) are grouped at the top.  

Carefully check that any layers that are associated with points are not locked:

The standard layers include:


If your company customizes your AutoMap so that Point elements are inserted in other layers you would need to check against your AutoMap settings.


NOTE: the Layer "IPN_INTERNAL" is created by MicroSurvey and is MEANT to be locked.  It is OK.


For a quick check, try unlocking all layers except IPN_INTERNAL and try to repeat the operation.


This is a known issue and our developers are working on a solution in the next release.  Please see the "Known Issues" page for other items we would like you to be aware of.

A Note about Locking points

It's important to note that points can be locked so that this issue is not triggered by:

  • Open Active Coordinate Editor
  • Select | Select all
  • Edit | Lock/Unlock selection
  • Pick "Locked" and "OK"


This function tells embeddedCAD that all affected points are locked in the database and cannot be moved by any operation.  You would need to use the CAD method of locking if you later need to send your CAD file to a Non-MicroSurvey product.  Just watch for the issue if the CAD operator sends the file back to you later on!




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