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Posted by James Johnston on 25 May 2011 10:46 AM

A collection of Movies Generated to Answer Common Questions from our Customers

We find that sometimes the best way to answer a support question is to make and post a short movie so others can view the results.  Some of these movies show techniques that allow you to unlock surprising new capabilities in your software you may not have been aware of.

MicroSurvey CAD 2018 Video Tips

MicroSurvey CAD 2017 Video Tips

3D CAD Topics

General CAD Topics Movies

Traverse Adjustment Movies

CAD Printing and Scaling Movies

MicroSurvey embeddedCAD and inCAD Movies

MicroSurvey CAD 2013 and versions that use IntelliCAD 7 or Newer

Windows Interface Topics

Pointprep and Construction Related Topics

GIS Topics

Thumbdrive Transfer Movies

STAR*NET Video Tips

Animation Movies


MicroSurvey CAD 2018 Video Tips

Customizing Shortcut Keys

Customizing Quick Access Toolbar

Customizing Regular Toolbars

Customizing Ribbons

Resetting to Factory Defaults

Managing your Workspace Settings in the CUI File

Insert PDF/JPG and Align it to Geodetic Points

Using Point Blocks to make Point Clusters easier to view

Fillet Workaround


 MicroSurvey CAD 2017 Video Tips

Settings Migration Wizard (Use this tool to easily transfer settings from MSCAD 2016 to MSCAD 2017) 

Text Editing

Draw a 3D Curve

Bing Imagery

Draworder in MSCAD 2017

Setting Angular format in Tables and Active Coordinate Editor

Store and Label Geodetic Points

Inserting a Geodetic Table into Model Space


3D CAD Topics 

Creating a Grid from a Surface

Comparing Two Surfaces using Surface Operations

Selectively Removing Points from a Surface

Removing a Point(s) from DTM Surface

Drawing Contours Using an Elevation list

Drawing Contours on a Grid for a Smoother Surface

Create a Slope Map

Creating a Surface from a complex TIN

3D Pipelines Using the Measure Command

Using islope and Autosite Design to design a Holding Tank

Defining a UCS

Volumes from Profile Slices Part 1

Volumes from Profile Slices Part 2 (Incomplete description of using the "End Area method")

Showing differences between scanned surfaces

Creating a Vertical Alignment when you don't have a Surface in Memory

Creating a "Dummy" Vertical Alignment in Order to use the Inverse Alignment Command

Creating a surface with near vertical sections

3D Polylines: Connect using Descriptions and Point Range

Creating a Cut Fill Heat Map

Creating a Cut Fill Excel between Points and Surface

Creating a Subgrade Surface in Surface Operations

Use "Densify Step Size" setting to control TIN Complexity


General CAD Topics Movies

Saving a Template and using it to Create a New Drawing

Changing Column Order in Active Coordinate Editor 2012

Defining a Text Style in MicroSurvey CAD

Exporting and Importing MSCAD Aliases

Breaking a Spline

Customizing_Toolbars_in_MSCAD or MapScenes

Importing Eaglepoint Blocks

Label distances with different scales

Tiling Multiple Bing Images in one drawing


Traverse Adjustment Movies

Data Transfer and Traverse Adjustment Workflows


CAD Printing and Scaling Movies

 Inserting an Imperial Title Block in Layout Space

Inserting a Metric Title Block into Model Space

Controlling Lineweight with .ctb files


MicroSurvey embeddedCAD and inCAD Movies

Adding a Toolbar

Correcting Offset in Layout Space when Printing an IntelliCAD drawing from embeddedCAD

Customized Workspace Menus

Exporting a Surface as Landxml


MicroSurvey CAD 2013 and versions that use IntelliCAD 7 or Newer

Parallel Entity Snaps

Turn Off Display Prompts

Arrow Keys

Defining Right Mouse Click Actions


Entity Properties

Cursor and Crosshair Display Settings

Configuring Entity Snaps

Reset Corrupted Toolbars


 Windows Interface Topics

Capturing a Screenshot

Starting an Online Tech Support Session

Windows_File _Associations

Collecting a Tracefile and Msurvey.ini file from your Data Collector


Pointprep and Construction Related Topics


Freezing a selection of points in Active Coordinate Editor

"Staked" AutoMap configuration for Staking Tolerance Visual Check


 GIS Topics

Creating a FieldGenius Project from CAD

Storing Approximate Points and Linework

Creating an AutoMap for GIS

Adding a Feature to a Feature File

Creating a Featurelist based on your AutoMap

Setting a Feature File in Field Genius

Export a section of a shapefile with QGIS


Thumbdrive Transfer Movies

Part 1a - Point Prep Export

Part 1b - MicroSurveyCAD 2018 Export - Legacy

Part 1c - MicroSurveyCAD / EmbeddedCAD 2018 Export

Part 2 - FieldGenius / Layout Import to Windows Mobile Device


STAR*NET Video Tips

Known Point as Origin for Ground Coordinates


Animation Movies

Take a short tour of MicroSurvey CAD 2016 and newer animation utilities.

Animation 1: Adding a Path and Symbols

Animation 2: Visual Properties and Views

Animation 3: Inserting an Animated Camera

Animation 4: Adding a Camera to a Symbol

Animation 5: Recording a Video



 Don't see the answers you're looking for?  Enter a comment below suggesting another movie and watch this space for more additions.



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