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PDF guide showing how to configure GNSS Rover Configure GNSS Rover []
PDF guides for Local Transformation Day 1 and Day 2 Local Transformation Day 1 [] Local Transformation Day 2 [
PDF guides for Averaged Geodetic Position Day 1 and Day 2 Averaged Geodetic Position Day 1 [] Averaged Geodetic Position Day 2 [http://s3.mi...
A list of graphics cards and driver versions that have been tested with the Hoops 3D rendering engine used in MicroSurvey's 3D Render, Point Cloud, and Animation windows is maintained on the Techsoft website at
Users have reported that a recent update in their Antivirus Suite is interfering with program installation. If you have Symantec Endpoint protection or related security software you may see the message below after you download a MicroSurvey file: 1. Pic...
In 2008 MicroSurvey introduced a new way of licensing our software and an improved way of providing patches, updates and new features to our customers. We have been very pleased with the results of this change as it provides our customers with a stable...
PDF tutorial showing how to configure a Reference Profile Configure Reference Profile []