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This guide describes how to configure MicroSurvey FieldGenius to collect Stop and Go GNSS data using a GeoMax Z25 GNSS receiver. The goal is to import this data into GeoMax Geo Office for later post processing. This guide does not describe how to use Ge...
PDF guides for Local Transformation Day 1 and Day 2 Local Transformation Day 1 [] Local Transformation Day 2 [
PDF guides for Averaged Geodetic Position Day 1 and Day 2 Averaged Geodetic Position Day 1 [] Averaged Geodetic Position Day 2 [http://s3.mi...
PDF guide showing how to use a Known Geodetic Base Know Geodetic Base []
If you have elevation values close to sea level (0 elevation) you may notice you have trouble creating a surface. This is because MicroSurvey has a default elevation filter that prevents inclusion of any entity below 2 units during the creation of a surfa...
PDF tutorial showing how to configure a Reference Profile Configure Reference Profile []