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MicroSurvey FieldGenius v7.1.11.3 Download

Welcome to the MicroSurvey FieldGenius v7.1.11.3

English Language Downloads page



All MicroSurvey installations will allow you to run the program in evaluation mode.  A License will have to be purchased if you decide to buy the product.  A License upgrade will have to be purchased if you own FieldGenius version or older.  Once purchased, license keys are generated online so that your license will match the device you own. Please pick here to go to our Licensing Instructions page and learn how to license your software if you are not clear on how to do it.

Release Notes and Manual

This release is identical to FieldGenius v7.1.11.2 SP1, but with updated support for MicroSurvey DC5 data collector 

  • Click here to download the Release Notes for FieldGenius
  • Click here to download the Release Notes for FieldGenius
  • Click here to download the FieldGenius 7 SP1 Manual
  • Click here to see a short video demostrating the new features


Remember, if you wish to save these documents to your computer's hard drive, right-click on the link and select, "save link as" or "save target as".

Settings and Saved Instrument Profiles 

FieldGenius 7 stores program settings and Total Station Profiles in a text file: MSurvey.ini

FieldGenius 7 stores Target Offsets, Bluetootch Delivice Info, and GNSS Profiles in a xml file: Settings.xml 


Step 1: Install Microsoft ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center

In order to install FieldGenius onto your hand-held data collector, you must have Microsoft ActiveSync (for Windows XP or earlier) or Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (for Windows Vista) installed on your computer. Click here to download these free from Microsoft.

Step 2: Download FieldGenius and save it to your desktop or tablet computer

Click on an image below to access the download.

Devices Installation for most handheld controllers:


Tablet PC Installation for Windows Tablet or PC:


Devices Installation for Leica branded controllers:


Devices Installation Tablet Installation Leica Devices Installation

Step 3: Run the installation on your desktop or tablet computer

Follow the prompts to run the installation. Click here for more information about your particular device


Step 4: Install MicroSurvey Data Exchange or MicroSurvey Transfer


Use MicroSurvey Transfer to manage data transfer for MicroSurvey and MapScenes CAD Products.

MicroSurvey Data Exchange is a free dwg viewer and Import/Export utility that is a perfect companion for MicroSurvey data collection software:

Download MicroSurvey Transfer
Download MSDX


Step 5: Download any required support files or utilities:

Geoids: GPS users may require a geoid file to correct elevations for geoid separation.  Click Here for the World Geoids download page.

Grid Shift Files: GPS users may require a Grid Shift file for coordinate transformations to work correctly. Click Here to download grid shift files

Featurelist Editor: Click Here for movies showing how to use the Tablet PC installation to define features for GIS data collection.

Step 6: HAVE FUN!!!

Choose files or drag and drop files
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