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Exporting Conventional Data from Spectra Precision Survey Pro Controller Using the Jobxml format

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Jobxml is an xml based format which allows for export of traverse or GPS data directly from the data collector to other programs. A jxl file can be exported from more recent versions of Survey Pro controllers.

Once exported you can use the STAR*JobXML convertor to convert these files to STAR*NET dat format.

Here are the steps to follow with Trimble Access software:

1. Open the project in Spectra Precison Survey Pro Controller.

2. From the main menu choose file | export

3. Select the type and pick "Export:"


4. Enter a name and pick "Accept:"


5. Copy the file with the extension .jxl or xml from the controller to your desktop computer.

6. Run StarJobXML, select your input and output folders, set your options and Import!

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