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Company Options File Cannot be Written

The error message "Company Options File Cannot be Written. Changes will be Ignored." is at times an issue for some users of STAR*NET. Most of the time this problem can be overcome by simply running the program as administrator.

Company Options

To run a program as administrator you can:

- Right click on the shortcut on your desktop and choose "Run as administrator", or

- From Start Menu locate the program, right click and choose "Run as administrator"

To permanently set a program to run as administrator:

1. Right click on the shortcut or program icon and select "Properties"

2. Under the Compatibility Tab, check the box that reads "Run this program as administrator" (second check box from the bottom)

3. Click OK

Other Notes

- Appears to be more common with STAR*NET V7 than V8

- If the suggested procedures do not solve the issue, try re-installing STAR*NET

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