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MicroSurvey STAR*NET 9 Known Issues

Date Reported: July 8, 2011

Status: Confirmed (7.0.0)

Problem: Default screen layout is not appropriate for all display sizes and resolutions.

Solution: The STAR*NET V8 interface is extremely customizable, and can be setup in any layout that suits your workflow. Users are encouraged to experiment with different screen layouts to find what works best for their individual needs. Panels can be moved, resized, collapsed, closed, docked or floated. Fonts, sizes and colors can be changed. Large or Small toolbar icons can be displayed. Toolbars and menus are customizable. You have practically endless customization abilities!

Date Reported: July 8, 2011

Status: Confirmed (7.0.0)

Problem: Find Point tool does not work in conjunction with point aliases defined via the new .ALIAS inline option.

Solution: Currently the Find Point tool will only match exact point names, and does not consider point aliases at this time. We hope to expand the Find Point tool to include this functionality in a future update.

Date Reported: July 8, 2011

Status: Confirmed (7.0.0)

Problem: Printing may not default to specified paper size. For example, after selecting 11x17 in the Page Setup dialog then pressing Print it may be output to 8.5x11.

Solution: There is a bug which can cause the page size being printed onto to not match the page size specfied in the Page Setup dialog, which we will fix in a future update. Fortunately there is an easy and effective workaround - after pressing the Print button, when you select your printer you can then press the Properties button and specify your desired paper size again, the printout will then be exactly as desired.

Date Reported: August 15, 2011

Status: Confirmed (7.0.0)  Fixed (9.1.0)

Problem: Checkboxes in Input Panel cannot be rechecked after items have been unchecked.  Sometimes the checkbox is replaced by a different icon.

Solution: We have found that this is a problem experienced by users who have installed either Trimble Business Center or Spectra Precision Survey Office on their workstation.  Further, you must have multiple monitors for this problem to appear.  If you move STAR*NET to a different monitor the problem will resolve itself.

Date Reported: September 21, 2017

Status: Confirmed (9.0.0) Fixed (9.2.0)

Problem: When using the new Column Editing feature by holding the Alt key while selecting a block of text, the Alt key is also inadvertently activating the menu bar (File, Edit, etc…).

Workaround: You need to press Alt again after making the column selection before you can type anything in the editor.

Solution: Unfortunately this cannot be fixed until a future update from the third-party provider of the text editor library we are using.

Date Reported: September 21, 2017

Status: Confirmed (9.0.0) Fixed (9.1.0) Syntax Fixed (9.2.0)

Problem: Help Tips do not display the correct syntax if certain Project Options are overridden by a corresponding Inline Option.

Solution: Fixed

Reported: November 22, 2017

Problem: Some users with Windows 10 have reported an "digital signature not recognized" error message when they install on their computers. 

Solution: Affected users have reported that the only current solution is to remove Entrust from the computer and then reinstall. MicroSurvey's digital signatures are valid so this is an incorrect error message. For more information on Entrust users can go to 

Status: Known Issue  

Reported: January 9, 2018

Status: Confirmed (9.0.0) Fixed (9.2.0)

Problem: Output Values (Northing, Easting and Latitude & Longitude) are wrong when assigning a UTM North/South zone coordinate system in the Eastern Hemisphere

Workaround: Set the Coordinate system settings to "WGS84" instead of "per coordinate system" 

Status: Fixed

Reported: March 22, 2018

Status: Confirmed (9.0.0) Fixed (9.1.0)

Problem: Some Edit features are grayed out and are inaccessible to use when trying to use Edit options such as Replace or Go To...

Workaround: Highlight the file in the Data Input Files, select Edit File Externally to open it in Notepad, and you should be able to use Notepad's Edit features.

Status: Fixed

Reported: April 6, 2018

Status: Confirmed (9.0.0) Fixed (9.1.0)

Problem: Program crashes when importing GPS Vectors files while using Windows 10

Workaround: The .gps file is still created, so when you re-launch StarNET, simply click on Add File to add the .gps file to your project.

Status: Fixed

Reported: December 4, 2018

Status: Confirmed (9.1.b) Fixed (9.2.0)

Problem: Editing a "?" in input file can cause STAR*NET to become unresponsive.  Sometimes a question mark can be used as a place holder if a backsight station is unknown.  If you attempt to edit the "?" this can trigger STAR*NET's point search feature and if the station does not exist the program becomes unresponsive.

Workaround: Open Options | Editor and uncheck "Link Station Names" to prevent this happening.

Status: Fixed

Reported: July 3, 2019

Status: Confirmed (9.2.0) Fixed (9.2.a)

Problem: Using a previously formatted Face-2 M record is unavailable in STAR*NET 9.2.  STAR*NET now expects Face-2 M records as containing Face-2 horizontal angles and Face-2 zenith angles, rather than in past versions where STAR*NET would expect Face-1 horizontal angles and Face-2 zenith angles.

Workaround: Add 180 degrees to previously formatted Face-2 M records, or use STAR*NET 9.1b for legacy projects containing this data.

Status: Fixed

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