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Volume Calculations - I don't think the answer is right

When I follow the steps in the Earthwork Volume Tutorial to calculate volumes with my own data, I find that the answer is not even close to what I know it should be. WHY?

Several things can cause bad results.

First, check your data to ensure nothing has happened to it.

Second, make sure that you have created enough break lines to properly define the job.

Third, Make sure you extract the points then the break lines. Reversing this order will cause major problems.

Fourth, when you have 2 different surfaces you must make sure you calculate the volumes with the correct command. Using the Surface Volumes command assumes that the 2 surfaces are EXACTLY the same shape and size and are directly over each other in plan view. If your data is not then you must use the Area Volumes method which requires that you have a polyline drawn around the site where you need volumes calculated. You must also ensure that both surfaces cover the entire closed in polyline or you will get incorrect answers.


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