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Importing Post Processed Vectors from Infinity

Leica Infinity Release 2.3 includes an option to export baselines to SKI Ascii format so that STAR*NET can be used to perform least squares adjustment.  This feature has been enhanced to use extended precision in the variance/covariance fields to provide more precise weighting information for high precison work.  Please follow the guide below to see how to exchange between the two programs:


Steps in Infinity:

1. Import and Post Process your baselines.  See This Tutorial if you would like to learn how to do this.

2. On the Home Ribbon, select Export | All


3. This will prompt you to select a location for your export.

4. Provide a name for your export and select "SKI ASCII - ASC" from the Export format dialog:

5. In the Baseline section of the Export dialog Select:

  • Coordinate Type: WGS84 Cartesian
  • Covariance is checked on
  • Antenna Heights and Offsets are checked on
  • Epoch Information



5. Pick "Export"

6. Save your project and exit Infinity


Steps in STAR*NET

1. Create a New Project or open an existing one

2. In Options | Project ensure that the "Adjustment" tab is configured properly.  See the example below if you are using the sample data from the Infinity Tutorial:

3. Be sure that you have constrained a point to use for control in your project.  In the example below I have copied the lat/long for the WIDN point from Infinity and entered it as a "PH" record that is held fixed using the "!!!" symbols:

  • Copy the lat/long from here:

  • Enter a PH record here:

4. Now open Input | Import GPS Data

  • Select "Leica"
  • "Select Input Files"
  • Browse to the SKI ascii you exported
  • Open

5. Pick "Import"

6. Close the import dialog.  Note that a new "*.gps" file has been added to your project Input panel:

7. Configure the options and run your adjustment.








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