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Surface Formats Supported by MicroSurvey Products

All MicroSurvey Products allow for import of surface files.

Two formats are supported, see the table below for a summary of capabilities:

Product Version Imports Exports Staking Surface Display Volumetrics Design
MicroSurvey CAD Premium, Ultimate and Studio *.QSB, *.Landxml *.QSB, *.Landxml N/A Yes Yes Yes
EmbeddedCAD Premium *.QSB, *.Landxml *.QSB, *.Landxml N/A Yes Yes Yes
inCAD Premium *.QSB, *.Landxml *.QSB, *.Landxml N/A Yes Yes Yes
FieldGenius for Windows Premium

*.QSB, *.Landxml

*.QSB, *.Landxml Yes Yes Yes No
FieldGenius for Android N/A *.Landxml N/A Yes Yes No No

*.QSB is a MicroSurvey Proprietary format developed by Schreiber Instruments

*.Landxml is an industry standard format developed by the

Learn more about MicroSurvey and Landxml here.

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