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MicroSurvey embeddedCAD 2022 Known Issues

The following is a list of critical bugs or important limitations that users should be aware of which affect MicroSurvey embeddedCAD 2022. It is not intended as an exhaustive list of all issues.

Reported: October 31, 2019

Problem: The CAD AutoSave feature causes a message at the command history stating "0 files were compressed". The AutoSave Drawing (.sv$ file) is saved correctly but its corresponding AutoSave Database (.mz$ file) does not contain a valid database and cannot be recovered.

Workaround: Several backup mechanisms are available: the MSBackup command will backup your drawing and database files to a backup folder on demand, these can be recovered; your dwg and msz files will be backed up (copied to .bak and .mbz files) every time you save your drawing, these can be recovered; if you absolutely need to recover the AutoSave files, the AutoSave Drawing (.sv$ file) is recoverable but the AutoSave Database (.mz$ file) is not.

Status: This will be fixed in a future update.

Reported: November 18, 2021

Problem: When making new drawings via the [+] icon, depending on previous drawings opened and closed, this new drawing may have some database issues when created. One of the main issues with this is that it may create an .MSJ file instead of a .MSJ folder for the database.

Workaround: We are working on a permanent fix for this issue, but for existing drawings that fail to open properly, check if there is an .MSJ file in the drawing file location. If so, delete that file then try opening the drawing as normal. In the meantime, avoid creating new drawings via the [+] icon.

Status: This will be fixed in a future update.

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