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MicroSurvey inCAD 2022 Known Issues

The following is a list of critical bugs or important limitations that users should be aware of which affect MicroSurvey inCAD 2022. It is not intended as an exhaustive list of all issues.

Reported: October 31, 2019

Problem: The CAD AutoSave feature causes a message at the command history stating "0 files were compressed". The AutoSave Drawing (.sv$ file) is saved correctly but its corresponding AutoSave Database (.mz$ file) does not contain a valid database and cannot be recovered.

Workaround: Several backup mechanisms are available: the MSBackup command will backup your drawing and database files to a backup folder on demand, these can be recovered; your dwg and msz files will be backed up (copied to .bak and .mbz files) every time you save your drawing, these can be recovered; if you absolutely need to recover the AutoSave files, the AutoSave Drawing (.sv$ file) is recoverable but the AutoSave Database (.mz$ file) is not.

Status: This will be fixed in a future update.

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