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STARTUP Behaviour with inCAD and AutoCAD

AutoCAD provides multiple options to set start up behaviour when the program is opened.  The behaviour is set by the variable STARTUP

Visit Autodesk support for details

STARTUP is a system variable, once set in the command line it will behave the same when you open any drawing.




Starts a drawing without defined settings.


Displays the Startup or the Create New Drawing dialog box.


The Start tab is displayed. If available in the application, a custom dialog box is displayed.


The Start tab is displayed and the ribbon is pre-loaded when you open or create a new drawing.

When running inCAD, different startup configurations are possible, but we recomend against using a STARTUP Value of 2.

The inCAD Project Manager is a feature we encourage users to use for accessing and managing projects.  By default the dialog appears when you run inCAD, but if it does not appear you can open Project Manager From the left of the MsTools Ribbon:

Configure inCAD so that Project Manager always appears at startup by checking the highlighted box before closing the dialog:

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