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MicroSurvey CAD 2010 SP1

A few of the most notable new features include...

  • Open DWG/DXF 2010 files from AutoCAD® 2010/2011 products;
  • Use the integrated RPN Calculator to help you with any manual calculations;
  • Import and view Photo Notes taken using FieldGenius 2010 on a Nautiz X7 data collector using its integrated digital camera;
  • Draw 3D curves and advanced figures, similar to FieldGenius figures;
  • More easily enter distances in feet and inches like 5'8";
  • Use the AutoMap Library to automatically draw ellipses, double-ellipses, or rectangles around your point IDs;
  • Process the AutoMap Library on only a selected range of points in your drawing;
  • Includes the latest IntelliCAD 6.6 CAD engine, which includes MANY bug fixes and a couple new commands;
  • Includes the latest Hoops 3D rendering engine (18.10) for improved performance and stability;
  • Includes TONS of bug fixes in both the MicroSurvey commands and the IntelliCAD commands;
  • And much more!! Please see the Release Notes link below for full details.

Existing MicroSurvey CAD users with a current maintenance plan must use the USB License Manager application to update their USB License Key(s) before this version can be run.  If your maintenance plan has expired, please call MicroSurvey Software Inc. at 1-800-668-3312 or contact your local MicroSurvey dealer to renew it.  If you have never installed MicroSurvey CAD 2010 before, you can install it as a fully-functional 30-day trial version.

Release Notes:

MicroSurvey CAD 2010 v10.2.0 Full Install (with Training Movies)

MicroSurvey CAD 2010 v10.2.0 Web Install (without Training Movies)

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