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MicroSurvey FieldGenius 2012 Version 6.0.3 Is Released

MicroSurvey FieldGenius Version

MicroSurvey Software Inc. is proud to announce the release of this latest version of FieldGenuis2012.

New Features for FieldGenius 2012 Version

  •    Many new features including:

    • Addded the ability to copy and edit pre-existing coordinate systems.
    • Leica GeoCOM and OWI licenses are no longer required to run FieldGenius on a Leica CS25.
    • Leica CS25:  We added Long Range Bluetooth support.
    • NavCom:  Added support for StarFire over IP.
    • and much more.
  •    New Coordinate Systems and Geoid Models:

    • Columbia has 4 new coordinate systems added.
    • Latvia LV98 geoid model is now availabale for download.
    • We also added subsets of EGM08 specifcially cut out for Columbia, Panama, Guatemala, and Hungary.  These are all available to download for free at our web site.
  •     Many bug fixes:

    • Fixed a bug releated to the rotate, translate, and scale function.  The Cancel button did not cancel.
    • Fixed a nearest search staking bug.  This only applied to non-robotic total stations and the project had to be in feet.  The next nearest point presented wasn't the next nearest.
    • and many more (see release notes for details).

Upgrade Cost?

This is a free upgrade to customers who already have a licensed version of FieldGenius 2012 Version 6.0.0 or higher.


Please review the Release Notes for more details on this new version.

Click here to view the Release Notes.


MicroSurvey FieldGenius 2012 Version 6.0.3 Install Web Page

Click here to access the FieldGenius 2012 6.0.3 downloads page.



MicroSurvey FieldGenius 2012 Product Website:

Click here to access FieldGenius 2012 Product Page.


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