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MicroSurvey STAR*NET 7.2.2

MicroSurvey Software Inc. is pleased to announce STAR*NET 7.2.2, the latest service pack update to its industry-leading STAR*NET least squares network adjustment suite.  This update includes a new 10-day, fully-functional STAR*NET-PRO demo period and a new STAR*Leica DBX conversion utility for importing Leica data, as well as fixes to several important issues when importing MicroSurvey FieldGenius, Leica DBX, Trimble JobXML, and Trimble TSC data files.  This is a FREE update for any STAR*NET users who already use STAR*NET 7.2, or to any STAR*NET users who have a valid (non-expired) Maintenance Subscription Support Program. 


New Features in STAR*NET 7.2.2:

Fully Functional Demo
A fully-functional 10-day demo period has been added, during which you can run the fully-featured STAR*NET-PRO edition plus all of the STAR*NET data conversion utilities.
After 10 days, you can continue to run the feature-limited STAR*NET-DEMO edition, which has all the capabilities of STAR*NET-PRO but is limited to an adjustment of 10 stations, 100 observations, and 15 GPS vectors.
Leica DBX Conversion Utility
A new standalone Leica DBX conversion utility (licensed separately) is now available for importing both conventional and/or GPS data from Leica DBX databases.
Several fixes have been implemented since STAR*LeicaDBX v7.2.0.12 which was previously available as a zip download from our website, see details below.

Defects Fixed in STAR*NET 7.2.2:

  • [D5582] Adjustment - A crash could occur while adjusting a network during Cholesky Factorization, this has been fixed.
  • [D5845] General - When setting/changing an output filename in the GPS Importer, Point Reformatter, DXF Exporter, or the Conversion Utilities, the default filename may be scrolled to the side making it only partially visible.
  • [D5836] GPS Importer - FieldGenius baseline importer can now read the Reference ID and position data which was recently added to the raw raw file as "--GNSS Statistics RT: ..." comment records, and it will parse these if the raw file does not contain a BP record to define the base point prior to the rover measurements (ie, when using an NTRIP or GPRS connection, connecting to a permanent base, etc).
  • [D5788] Listing - The Listing Index Tree may not jump to the correct line if the "Copy of Input Data File(s)" project listing option is enabled and the input data file(s) are Unicode.
  • [D5795] Listing - The "95%" column header in "Adjusted Elevations and Error Propagation" section in the listing file may not appear.
  • [D5780] Network License - When using a network USB license, on exiting from the conversion utilities the license was not immediately released.
  • [D5036] STAR*FieldGenius - Angles-only Multiset records cause "ERROR: Slope Distance (SD) field missing", this is now accepted as valid input data and the distance is exported as "?".
  • [D5420] STAR*FieldGenius - Multiset records may cause "ERROR: Rod Height (HR) field does not match value in previous LineOfSight (LS) record" when using the "Output as 2D Data" option, this has been corrected.
  • [D5420] STAR*FieldGenius - Multiset records with varying target heights cause "ERROR: Rod Height (HR) field does not match value in previous LineOfSight (LS) record", this has been changed from an Error to a Warning.
  • [D5547] STAR*FieldGenius - Projects in Bearings cause "ERROR: Invalid Field Value (AD)", this is now accepted as valid input data.
  • [D5843] STAR*FieldGenius - When using the "Output as 2D Data" option, the 2D coordinate C records occur after a .3D inline command.
  • [D5749] STAR*JobXML - Prism Offset values were not applied to EDM distance measurements.
  • [D5790] STAR*JobXML - Atmospheric Correction values were not applied to EDM distance measurements.
  • [D5584] STAR*JobXML - Distances are always stored internally in the JobXML file as Meters, but they are now automatically scaled and output as Meters/FeetInt/FeetUS depending on project settings.
  • [D5583] STAR*JobXML - Conventional stakeout records are not exported. All terrestrial observations with valid Circle or MTA elements are now accepted.
  • [D5486] STAR*JobXML - Line Staking records are not eported. All terrestrial observations with valid Circle or MTA elements are now accepted.
  • [D5487] STAR*JobXML - Some GPS vectors (with Method=GpsRTKControlPoint and Classification=Normal) are not exported to the data file. All vectors with valid ECEFDeltas elements are now accepted.
  • [D5543] STAR*JobXML - Some GPS vectors (with Method=GpsRTKQuickMark) are not exported to the data file. All vectors with valid ECEFDeltas elements are now accepted.
  • [D5544] STAR*JobXML - Negative PPM values cause "ERROR: PPM element has invalid value", this is now accepted as valid input data.
  • [D5806] STAR*JobXML - Dialog options are not be saved when the utility is closed via the X button in the top-right corner.
  • [D5585] STAR*LeicaDBX - Points without a defined elevation were exported without a z-coordinate value, causing "ERROR: Unrecognized Input" during adjustment. 2D points are now exported with a "?" z-coordinate value.
  • [D5831] STAR*LeicaDBX - Averaged GPS measurements were being converted to a fixed coordinate (C record) and commented vectors (G0/G1/G2/G3 records). This has been reversed such that the vectors are no longer commented, but the coordinate is. Additionally, a comment has been added to the end of the C records to indicate their Class, which is useful when reviewing data that contains multiple observations of a point plus its averaged coordinate.
  • [D5832] STAR*LeicaDBX - GPS antenna height measurements were being output to the G1 records in the selected unit. Like all values in the G1 record, they are now always output in meters.
  • [D5835] STAR*LeicaDBX - GPS vector covariances were not computed correctly, results now match the same data imported as Leica SKI ASCII format.
  • [D5837] STAR*LeicaDBX - Browse button doesn't start in the expected folder, it now starts in the same location as the current database folder.
  • [D5844] STAR*LeicaDBX - If a required Geoid (*.gem) and/or CSCS (*.csc) file is not found when importing a database, the selected Output data file becomes locked until the utility is restarted.
  • [D5548] STAR*TSC - Pressing the "Convert" button can cause an "Unable to Open Log File, Conversion not performed!" message.
  • [D5567] STAR*TSC - Pressing the "View Log" button can cause the program to stop responding.


Download Link

MicroSurvey STAR*NET 7.2.2 Install (includes all conversion utilities): click here

Existing MicroSurvey STAR*NET users with a current maintenance plan may need to use the USB License Manager application to update their USB License Key(s) before this version can be run. If your maintenance plan has expired, please call MicroSurvey Software Inc. at 1-800-668-3312 or 1-250-707-0000 or contact your local MicroSurvey dealer to renew it.

For demonstration purposes, MicroSurvey STAR*NET can be run for 10-days as the fully-featured STAR*NET-PRO edition, and beyond that as the limited 10-station STAR*NET-DEMO edition.  All of the conversion utilities are also unlocked during this 10-day demo period.


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Additional Supporting Applications

MicroSurvey USB License Manager (included in the STAR*NET 7 install): click here

MicroSurvey USB Network License Server (must be purchased separately): click here

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