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MicroSurvey FieldGenius 8.1

MicroSurvey is pleased to announce the release of FieldGenius 8.1, a service pack to its powerful and easy-to-use survey field data collection software.

The latest release improved overall expereince for both total station and GNSS users, thanks to the new directional power search function, and GNSS offset / trilateration routines, respectively.

Many drivers have been added in this release to work with new instruments coming into the market. Be sure to check out the Release Note for a complete list of features and bug fixes.

New Features and Changes

  • Power Search Improvements
    • One click process to initiate power search to either directions
    • Optimized search directions for both data collector and total station onboard versions
    • A reverse configuration can be found in the Search Setting screen
  • Redesigned GNSS Offset Routine
    • GNSS measurements and direction vectors can now be measured inside the offset routine.
    • Offset values can be applied onto multiple GNSS measurements.
  • GNSS Trilateration Routine – GNSS measurements for 2 static points can be measured inside the trilateration routine by double clicking the point fields.
  • Stakeout Productivity Report – A new staking cutsheet has been added to report the number of points being staked out per day.
  • Alignment Staking – users can now put any offset values on a template and the elevation/grade will be automatically calculated.
  • Performance Enhancement – Further memory optimizations have been done to graphical engine in order to improve the performance on Windows Mobile based devices.
  • Improvements to Onboard Version – Various aspects of the application has been improved to provide a more polished experience when running onboard of a total station
  • Compensator Control – Total station compensator switch has been added to the leveling screen.
  • World File – Both metric and imperial units are supported for the world file of georeferenced images.
  • Map View – Middle Mouse Button (MMB) can now be used for panning the screen on tablet/pc version.
  • Instrument Selection – Instrument Selection button has been moved to the Main Menu for easy access and now displays the connection status. About button has been moved into the Settings menu.
  • DXF loading messages have been rephrased to show the importation has been completed successfully.
  • Added an option to choose calculate/apply elevation and grid factor for scale when using Local Transformation to setup a reference position
  • Target shortcuts can now be used in Multiset, Occupy Point, Check Backsight, and Resection routines
  • A progress bar has been added after completing the Occupy Point routine.
  • Optimized point selection, the application will try to pick up points before figures.
  • “GNSS Store Time” selection in the ASCII export is now affected by the GPS/UTC time option.
  • Navigation keys are now works in the main menu.

Hardware Specific Updates

  • ComNav
    T300 – Added support for using the internal GSM modem
  • DT-Research
    DT391GS (Hemisphere) – Added support for Hemisphere P103/P303 variant of DT391GS GNSS tablet
  • FOIF
    A30 – Fixed an issue where the tilt/compass sensor calibration process can prematurely completes
    A30 – Removed beeping sound when messages from the receiver is getting delayed
  • Hemisphere
    S320 – Improved update rate for reference information
  • Hi-Target
    V60 – Added support for V60 GNSS receiver
  • Handheld
    Nautiz X8 – Memory improvements have been done to alleviate display issues with map view
  • Horizon
    Kronos 500 – Added support for Kronos 500 GNSS receiver
  • Geo-FENNEL
    FGS1 – Added support for using the internal GSM modem
    SXPad – Added support for SXPad GIS Data Collector
    SXPro – Added support for SXPro GIS Data Collector
    SXBlue II+ – Added support for SXBlue II+ GPS receiver
    SXBlue III – Added support for SXBlue III GNSS receiver
  • GeoMax
    Zoom 90 – Added support for ZOOM 90 robotic total station, including an onboard version
    Zenith 35 – Added support for Zenith 35 GNSS receiver, including Electronic Bubble feature
    Zenith 25 Pro – Turning on Post-Process Tagging option will no longer cause RINEX 3 logging to stop
    Changing EDM mode with Observation Toolbar lowered will no longer gives an error
  • Juniper
    Allegro MX – Opening directories on this device will no longer display an error message
    K5 PLUS – Added support for K5 PLUS GNSS receiver
  • KQ GEO
    M8 – Added support for RTCM 3.2 correction type
  • Laser Technology
    TruePulse 200X – Added support for TruePulse 200X laser range finder
    MapStar TruAngle – Added support for MapStar TruAngle as a total station
  • Leica
    CS20 – Captivate auto-launch has been disabled
    Zeno 5 – Added support for Zeno 5 GIS data collector
    CS15 – Addressed a performance issue caused by 5.70 firmware while using RTCM3 correction type
    TCRP1205 – IR Tracking option will no longer cause distance measurement to stop
    Error message from total stations is now more specific
    Changing EDM mode with Observation Toolbar lowered will no longer gives an error
  • NavCom
    SF-3040 – Added the ability to disable Network ID
    W-1500 – Default EDM time out settings has been changed from 60s to 30s
  • Ruide
    NOVA R6 – Added support for NOVA R6 GNSS receivers
    T66 – Added support for T66 GNSS receivers
  • Septentrio
    Altus APS3 & NR2 drivers have been regrouped into Septentrio category
  • Sokkia
    SRX – The instrument will no longer get disconnected if prism is blocked
  • South
    S86-2013 – Raw data logging has been added
    GALAXY G1 – Improved Electronic Bubble update rate
  • Stonex
    S10 - Added support for S10 GNSS receivers
  • Texcel
    TX10 – Added support for TX10 GNSS receivers
    TX08 – Added support for TX08 GNSS receivers

Coordinate Systems and Geoids

  • Various Geoids and Grid Shift files have been added, check Help Desk at for details.
  • Changes have been made to address issues with South African coordinate system
  • New Coordinate Order X, Y, Z (South) has been added. This option needs to be used along with South Map Orientation setting.
  • Fixed coordinate file import/export to properly handle coordinate system orders.

Download FieldGenius 8.1

English and Other Languages

For demonstration purposes, MicroSurvey FieldGenius can be run as a full featured demo limited to 30 points.

Download Additional Supporting Applications

MicroSurvey Transfer (free add-on for FieldGenius users, requires Windows Mobile Device Center): Click Here

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