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MicroSurvey FieldGenius 8.2 Release

MicroSurvey is pleased to announce the release of FieldGenius 8.2, a service pack to its powerful and easy-to-use survey field data collection software.

The latest release improved overall experiences by adding several quality-of-life improvements, such as DWG/DGN support, QWERTY keyboard, Photo Notes, offset staking, etc. (Feature Overview)

Many drivers have been added in this release to work with new instruments coming into the market. Be sure to check out the Release Note for a complete list of features and bug fixes.

Last but not the least, please help us improve our product by completing this short 10 question survey!

New Features and Changes

  • DWG and DGN Format Support
    • DWG Import and Export are now supported
      • Read support for files of version 2.5 through 2016
      • Write support for files of version 12
    • DGN Import is now supported
      • Read support for V7 and V8 DGN (including V8XM and V8I)
    • Memory constraint for Window Mobile devices still applies. (No file size limit for tablets)
  • New QWERTY Keyboards, Numeric Keypads, and Calculator
    • A new QWERTY keyboard with dedicated numeric keypad has replaced the current ABCDE one for faster and easier typing
    • The new and responsive keyboards provide better outdoor visibilities
    • The PRN calculator has received a graphical update to match with the new keyboards
  • Photo Note Improvements
    • The ability for taking photo notes has been added for Windows Desktop 7/8.1/10 based tablets and Windows Embedded Compact 7 devices. (Window Mobile devices already have this support)
    • Added the ability to view after taken the pictures
  • Multi-offset Stakeout Mode – A new mode which allows fast and continuous offset staking on the same point.
  • Alignment Offset Improvements
    • A new offset button has been added to the alignment toolbar
    • Able to define and store offset points base on the alignment station and offset
    • Able to define and store points on the alignment base on offset points
  • Graphical Point Selection for Defining Staking List – Added an ability to mass select staking points on the map screen by dragging a region.
  • Circular Curves Support – The Circular Curve is now a supported type in alignment vertical profiles
  • CR5 Format – The ability for exporting CR5 format (Sequential and Non-Sequential) has been added
  • SIMA Format – The ability for importing and exporting SIMA format has been added (Points and Coordinate Systems only)
  • DXF Background Mode – A new “Map DXF Entity Select” option has been added to the Map Configurations screen. Turning ON this option prevents users from interacting with DXF entities.
  • ASCII Export – Range searching function in ASCII Export screen now support Alpha-Numerical Point IDs
  • “Map Point/Line/Position Select” settings have been moved under the Map Configuration screen on the top toolbar for easier access
  • The buttons for Staking List and the toggle for Use List have been redesigned to align with other similar functions.
  • The build-in File Browser for Windows CE devices has received performance improvements
  • Improved the consistency of displaying cut/fill information related to alignments
  • The Raw file statistics notes now include tilt compensation indicators
  • Various icons throughout the program have been updated

Hardware Specific Updates

  • ComNav
    T300 – Added the support for Lefebure NTRIP Client
  • DT-Research
    DT391GS (Trimble) – Added support for Trimble BD910/BD930 variant of DT391GS GNSS tablets
  • Geo-FENNEL
    FGS1 – Added the support for Lefebure NTRIP Client
    SXPro RTK – Added support for SXPad RTK Data Collectors
    SXPro GNSS – Added support for SXPro GNSS Data Collectors
  • GeoMax
    Zenith 10/20 – Added support for the RTCM3.2 MSM correction type and removed NovAtelX
    Zenith 25/25Pro – Added 10Hz and 20Hz logging rate
    Zenith 35 – Improved Dynamic DNS functionalities
    Zipp20 – Improved compensator error handling
    Zipp20/Zoom90 – Improved EDM error handling
    Zipp20/Zoom90 – The Face Left/Right toggle in Level Instrument screen should function now
  • FOIF
    A30 – Improved tilt compensation accuracy and reliability
  • Hi-Target
    V90 – Added support for V90 GNSS receivers
  • Leica
    CS15 – Fixed a screen glitch issue during local transformation
    CS20 – Added BT PAN “Shared” option for sending RTK correction directly to GNSS receivers
    CS20 – The translate function should not cause invalid point coordinates anymore
    CS20/CS35 – Photo note has been enabled on these devices
    CS35 – Keypad response time has been greatly improved
  • Linertec
    LGN-200S – Added support for LGN-200S GNSS receivers
  • Navcom
    SF-3040 – Added SBAS support for SF-3040 GNSS receivers
    G5100T – Added support for G5100T GNSS receivers
  • Panasonic
    FZ-G1 – Keypad response time has been greatly improved
  • South
    Galaxy G6 – Added support for Galaxy G6 GNSS receivers
    Galaxy G1 – Improved tilt compensation accuracy and reliability
    S720/S750/S760 – Added support for a new generation of S720/S750/S760 series of data collectors
    NTS-370R10 – The onboard application should now properly initiate auto-connection
  • Stonex
    S8 Plus – The driver for S8 Plus has received significant updates
    S9III Plus – The driver for S9III Plus has received significant updates
    S10 – Updated the driver to support internal compass in newer firmware (151016 or later)
    S10 – Improved tilt compensation accuracy and reliability
    R2W Plus – Fixed an issue with setting up plate angles
  • Winmate
    S430T (Win CE6.0) – Added support for S430T (Win CE6.0) series of data collectors

Coordinate Systems and Geoids

  • Various Geoids have been added, check Help Desk at for details.
  • Projection parameters for Malaysian GDM2000 Cassini coordinate system have been updated.

Download FieldGenius 8.2

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For demonstration purposes, MicroSurvey FieldGenius can be run as a full featured demo limited to 30 points.

Download Additional Supporting Applications

MicroSurvey Transfer (free add-on for FieldGenius users, requires Windows Mobile Device Center): Click Here

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