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MicroSurvey FieldGenius 8.3 Release

MicroSurvey is pleased to announce the release of FieldGenius 8.3, a service pack to its powerful and easy-to-use survey field data collection software.

The latest release improved overall experiences by adding several improvements, such as Quick Target Selection, Tilt Offset Measurement, Improved Language Selection, Keypad color options, and KML Export, etc. (Feature Overview)

Many drivers have been added in this release to work with new instruments coming into the market. Be sure to check out the Release Notes for a complete list of features and bug fixes.

Please note that all data collectors and total station onboard builds with WinCE 5.0 or older operating systems are no longer supported.

New Features and Changes

  • Quick Target Selection
    • Target and EDM mode selection list has been changed to button list for ease-of-use
    • Custom Target List has been moved inside of Target Selection screen
  • Tilt Offset Measurement
    • The routine calculates a very precise position using only the tilt sensor inside GNSS receivers
    • Offers two measurements (two solutions) and three measurements (single solution) tilt methods
  • Improved Language Selection
    • Language specific installers have been replaced with all-in-one installer
    • All the language options are available within the application under settings menu
  • Stakeout Elevation Offset – elevation offset can now be modified directly in the point staking dialog
  • Keypad Color Options – Users can now define both text and background color of the virtual keypads
  • KML Export Support – KML Export has been added for points collected using GNSS receivers
  • CR5 Export Modes – Added both Sequential and Non-Sequential modes for CR5 export
  • New language option - Dutch localization has been added
  • An filter for all file types (*.*) has been added for ASCII Import (PC/Tablet version)
  • Digital Signatures have been updated to better support Windows 10
  • Retired Platforms – All data collectors and total station onboard builds with WinCE 5.0 or older operating systems are no longer supported.

Hardware Specific Updates

  • Acnovo
    • GX9– Added the support for GX9 GNSS receivers
  • Champion
    • WR1– Added the support for WR1 GNSS receivers
  • CHC
    • i80– Added the support for i80 GNSS receivers
    • LT500H – Added the support for LT500H GIS data collectors
    • LT500T – Added the support for LT500T GIS data collectors
    • LT30 – Added the support for LT30 GIS data collectors
  • ComNav
    • T300– Now supports new firmware for retrieving large source tables
  • Gintec
    • G9– Added the support for G9 GNSS receivers
  • Geo-Fennel
    • FGS 1– Now supports new firmware for retrieving large source tables
  • GeoMax
    • Zenith 35 – Improved tilt sensor support
    • Zenith 35 – Now support larger source tables
    • Zoom 80 – Switching power search direction now functions properly
    • Zoom 90 – Updated robotic authentication to work with all models
  • Horizon
    • Kronos C3 – Added the support for C3 GNSS receivers
    • Kronos K300/K500 – Added Command Terminals
  • Kolida
    • S680 – Added the support for S680 GNSS receivers
    • K5 Plus, K96T – Added Command Terminals
  • Laser Technology
    • TruePulse 360B – Improved instrument connection through cable and Bluetooth
    • TruePulse 360B – Added azimuth readings in addition to the distance
  • Leica
    • TS02 – Laser Plumb for Flexline devices now turns on automatically during leveling
    • GS14 – Under modem settings, added an option to turn off UMTS auto-selection for users with poor cellular signals.Prexiso
  • Prexiso
    • G4/G5 – Now supports Direction Dial (CSD)
  • M3 Mobile
    • M3 Black Added the support for M3 Black data collectors
  • Ruide
    • S680 – Added the support for S680 GNSS receivers
  • Sanding
    • T66 – Added Command Terminals
    • NOVA R6 – Added Command Terminals
    • Galaxy G6 – Added support for 2Hz & 5Hz update rate, GNSS constellation controls, raw data logging, and Command Terminals
    • Galaxy G1, S82-2013, S86-2013, S660 – Added Command Terminals
    • NTS-370R10 – Continuous EDM modes has been added
  • Texcel
    • TX10 – Added Command Terminals
  • ZSurvey
    • Z3 – Added the support for Z3 GNSS receivers
    • Z6 – Added the support for Z6 GNSS receivers
    • Z8 – Added the support for Z8 GNSS receiver

Coordinate Systems and Geoids

  • Various Geoids have been added, check Help Desk at for details.
  • Unrectified Hotine Oblique Mercator Projection has been added to custom projection list

Download FieldGenius 8.3

All Languages

For demonstration purposes, MicroSurvey FieldGenius can be run as a full featured demo limited to 30 points.

Download Additional Supporting Applications

MicroSurvey Transfer (free add-on for FieldGenius users, requires Windows Mobile Device Center): Click Here

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