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FieldGenius Released

MicroSurvey is pleased to announce the release of FieldGenius

The latest release improves overall user experience by adding several improvements, adding and improving hardware support, and correcting known defects. The overview below outlines the specific changes in the new version.

Please note that all data collectors and total station onboard builds with WinCE 5.0 or older operating systems are no longer supported.

New Features and Changes

  • GNSS Survey Report Export
    • Added ability to export a GNSS Survey Report in PDF format for PC/Tablet installations, or in HTML format for other platforms.
  • Stake Alignment with Reference Line
    • Added a new method to use a reference line in combination with an alignment to stake alignment stations and reference horizontal and vertical offsets to the reference line.
  • Alignment Label Size
    • Added ability to change the size of alignment station labels.
  • Scrollbar Width Setting
    • Added setting to change the width of the scrollbars in the program. Only applies to PC/Tablet and Leica Captivate series.
  • Auto-scroll down Layout List
    • When adding points to the Layout List, the list will now automatically scroll down.
  • Coordinate System Information
    • Coordinate system information is now written to the raw file as a comment when a coordinate system is selected.
  • RTK Fixed Audio Cue
    • An audio cue now indicates when RTK Fixed status has been achieved. Previously an audio cue was only played when RTK Fixed status was lost.

Hardware Specific Updates

  • Acnovo
    • GX10 - Added support for GX10 GNSS receivers
  • CHC
    • i80 - Improvements made to i80 driver
    • X91+ - SATEL channel spacing setting is now saved
  • ComNav
    • T300 - Improvements made to T300 driver
  • FOIF
    • A30 - Improvements made to A30 driver
  • Geneq
    • SXPro - Fixed issue when using “Always Auto-reconnect” setting
  • GeoMax
    • Zenith 15 - Added support for Zenith 15 receivers
  • Gintec
    • G10 - Added support for G10 GNSS receivers
  • Hemisphere
    • S321 – Added support for S321 receivers
    • AtlasLink - Added support for AtlasLink receivers
  • Leica
    • iCON 60 Series - Fixed issue with onboard version not obtaining Device ID
    • S680P – Added support for S680P receivers
    • T9 – Added support for T9 receivers
    • SL600 - Added support for SL600 receivers
  • Septentrio
    • APS3G - Added support for APS3G receivers
    • NR2 - Improvements made to NR2 driver
  • South
    • S660 - Added support for BL & CV records in the raw file for S660 receivers
    • Galaxy G1, S82-2013, S86-2013, S660 - Added Command Terminals
    • Galaxy G1 - Improvements made to G1 driver
  • Stonex
    • S10 - Improvements made to S10 driver

Coordinate Systems and Geoids

  • Belgium Lambert 72 Coordinate System
    • Added support for this coordinate system with grid shift.
  • InGCS LDP Zones
    • Added Indiana Geospatial Coordinate System zones to pre-defined list.

Defects Fixed

  • Entering a negative Station Value could result in an error message.
  • Known Geodetic Position Reference Survey Mode did not honor coordinate order setting.
  • Staking List did not honor Description filter when selecting points by Area.
  • A space at the end of a project name could cause issues when transferring to PC.
  • Alpha-numeric Point IDs could cause errors with multipoint backsight routine.
  • Local transformation Point routine sometimes suggested inappropriate local point.
  • On some platforms, during a Resection the instrument would automatically start measuring when the Observed Point ID was entered.
  • Points surveyed while in Auto-Store mode are now stored with DTM State set to “Determine by Feature”.

Download FieldGenius

Visit the Download Page to download FieldGenius and supporting applications.

For demonstration purposes, MicroSurvey FieldGenius can be run as a fully functional demo limited to 30 points.

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