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Activating or Updating your USB License Key

When you purchase new versions, or as new service packs and upgrades are released, you will need to update your License Key before you are allowed to run our desktop software.  Activating or Updating your key is a simple process.

Map360 2021

Users of Map360 2021 should read the following article.  It discusses the new licensing system that will replace USB dongles and the plans for migrating to electronic licenses.

The article also includes instructions for updating USB dongles for use with Map360 2021, and instructions for activating electronic licenses.

Map360 4.1 and older

Note: Firewalls on personal or server computers can block the License Manager. Please refer to the following topic  for more information.

For detailed instructions on how to activate or update your USB license key, please refer to the following:

Activation and Installation Guide for Map360

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