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STAR*NET 12 Known Issues

Date Reported: July 8, 2011

Status: Confirmed (7.0.0)

Problem: Find Point tool does not work in conjunction with point aliases defined via the new .ALIAS inline option.

Solution: Currently the Find Point tool will only match exact point names, and does not consider point aliases at this time.

Date Reported: July 8, 2011

Status: Confirmed (7.0.0)

Problem: Printing may not default to specified paper size. For example, after selecting 11x17 in the Page Setup dialog then pressing Print it may be output to 8.5x11.

Solution: There is a bug which can cause the page size being printed onto to not match the page size specified in the Page Setup dialog, which we will fix in a future update. Fortunately there is an easy and effective workaround - after pressing the Print button, when you select your printer you can then press the Properties button and specify your desired paper size again, the printout will then be exactly as desired.

Reported: July 14, 2020

Status: Confirmed with Intel HD Graphics 620 driver update

Problem: Some users with an Intel HD Graphics 620 have had the program crash on launch or mid operation. This is due to the graphics cards rendering the new 3D network plot.

Solution: Resolved in V12 with update to graphics component that drives the plot window

Reported: September 17, 2021

Status: Confirmed (10.0.0)

Problem: If an adjustment is attempted on first run and fails to converge, clicking on any input item that represents a station will result in repeated display of the error message "Error: No Points"

Solution: If this becomes a frequent problem, disable the "Find Point" behavior: Open Options | Editor... and uncheck "Link Station names"

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