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Exporting Files to Google Earth

MicroSurveyCAD, embeddedCAD, inCAD and SurveyTools for BricsCAD can export a KML file that will open in Google Earth.  Here are a few notes on this useful function:

1. "Smart" points and "Smart" lines are the only elements that will be exported in the kml file.  You can't simply open up a CAD file and see it in Google Earth.  If you wish to quickly select linework and make it "Smart" use the command _AUTOP and window in all the linework you need to export.  Database points will be added to supported entities.

2. The drawing must be correctly georeferenced for the kml to be positioned correctly.  Check that:

  • The Coordinate System is configured correctly
  • The Assigned Coordinate System is correct for your dataset.  This is easy to confirm if the project was measured using GNSS and has not been transformed, or if the project was measured without GNSS but has been transformed so that it references known geodetic monuments.
  • The Coordinate Order (N,E vs E,N) is configured correctly
  • The drawing distance units are configured correctly.

If you see error messages when exporting a kml, check the above points.  If you see the kml file in Google Earth but it is in the wrong location check the above variables.

One further note.  Sometimes an error message appears because the layer structure of the drawing is incompatible with Google Earth.  If that is the case, try unchecking "Organize by Layer" and re-exporting.

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