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Export a DXF file to a Field Software

The DXF format is a variation of the CAD native dwg format that is intended for use in a wide variety of industry software.  Many field data collection systems including:

  • MicroSurvey FieldGenius for Windows
  • MicroSurvey FieldGenius for Android
  • Leica Captivate
  • Leica iCON
  • Carlson SURVCE and SURVPC
  • Trimble Access
  • Spectra Precision SurveyPro
  • GeoMax Xpad

...all allow users to import DXF files that (depending on the product) will be used to create a graphical backdrop or are used to populate a database.  All MicroSurvey CAD products allow you to do this with any dwg file you open.

There are two strategies to follow, depending on the complexity of the drawing you have open:

1. For best results with simple drawings:

  • Perform a CAD audit
  • Purge the drawing of extra unwanted blocks, layers etc.
  • Save as... and select the format DXF ASCII R11/12

2. For best results with more complex drawings:

  • Use CAD layer management options on the MsTools ribbon to freeze any layers that contain unwanted linework and entities
  • Ensure that layers that contain points are thawed
  • Perform a CAD audit
  • Run the Leica iCON export routine
  • Deselect option to send whole drawing
  • When prompted, window in the portions of the drawing that you need to send to the field.
  • An ASCII file of all the points you selected, and a DXF created from the CAD elements you have selected will be created.  

The advantage of this workflow is that your CAD file will be cleaned up and will contain ONLY the elements you need and none of the other information.  If you import the DXF and select the option to import as an External reference file you can also import the ASCII file and the points database will be imported with your chosen point IDs and descriptions.

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