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Mass point description change

You have 2 ways to accomplish this. The first is our older method using the Graphical Editor command. It allows you to select a group of points based upon many different selection methods. You can grab points based upon their description, elevation range, the layer they are on, by a point number range, by a coordinate range, and a few other methods. Once you have this group of points selected you can then process them and change their descriptions, their elevation, or rotate them, shift them, delete them, delete everything but them, and several other options.

The second and newest way is to use our Active‚ Coordinate Editor‚ window.‚  Open MsPoints | Active Coordinate Editor. Through the menus in that window, you can sort the points via any column, as well as highlight and edit the points of your choice. Select the points you need to modify and open Edit | Change Selection Description.‚ 

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