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Printing to a Plot File

Some Land Surveyors are required to submit plans in the form of a digital plot file, the type of file that a Printer Driver sends to the printer.‚  You can do this with MicroSurvey CAD.

Install an HPGL Printer driver by downloading it from the Hewlett Packard Website.‚ or by opening Printers and Faxes from your Windows Control Panel, picking the "Add Printer" icon and following the Wizard to choose an appropriate Printer driver.   

I have tested an HP DesignJet 500 that works in Windows XP.

We have learned from a Customer with a Vista computer that the driver for an HP Designjet 1055 EM works properly

Open File | Print

Set up your print as you would normally to plot on paper

Pick on Print Setup

Pick the name of your printer driver from the pulldown

Pick on Spooling and configure it as shown:

Be sure to browse to where you would like the file saved and note the location.‚  The file will be given the same name as your drawing and the extension PRN.‚  The extension can be changes to PLT if required.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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