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DGN files and MicroSurvey CAD

MSCAD 2018

You can now open DGN files in MicroSurvey CAD.  See this movie for the slightly different opening procedure.



MSCAD 2016

DGN Files can now be inserted as an underlay



MSCAD 2008 / 2005

MSCAD 2005 and 2008 does not currently have any import or export DGN capabilities.

The DGN file must be converted to a DWG or DXF format from MicroStation to read it into MicroSurvey CAD. A free DGN viewer called Bentley View is also available from the makers of MicroStation, which can be used to convert DGN files to DWG/DXF. Bentley View can be downloaded from

MSCAD 2004 / 2002

MSCAD 2002 and 2004 have the ability to read and write DGN files. The command is not available from the menu so you must type it in. Type DGNIN and then on the command line specify the full location and file name to import.

Eg. c:\samples\acad\dgn-microstation files\2008t.dgn

You can also save to a DGN file by typing DGNOUT and giving the full path and file name.

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