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Symbols Library shows Wrong Preview Image with Label

When viewing your Symbols Library, the labels and Preview images appear to be "Out of Sync."‚  When you pick on the preview image to insert a symbol you get the symbol that is next in the list.

‚ What has happened is this: At some point you have created a custom symbol and saved it as a block in your Symbols folder. But because that block has never been opened a "Preview" has never been generated. The symbols library counts on having that preview to keep the list in order, so it has "shunted" the labels down one space but not the images that go with them.

It's easy to fix: In Project manager, set your project directory to:


C:\Program Data\MicroSurvey\MSCAD\2008\Symbols\ <each folder you find in here>

Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MicroSurvey\MSCAD\2008\Symbols\ <each folder you find in here>

As you pick on each symbol in the list you will see that most have a preview. The problem symbol won't. When you spot it, open the drawing, zoom to extents, and save it once. Close the drawing and try your symbol library again. you may have to do this more than once if there‚ is more than one custom symbol causing the problem.

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