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Attaching MrSID Files in MSCAD Drawings

MrSID Image Files

Update: embeddedCAD 2012 and newer can import MrSID image files.

Update: MicroSurvey CAD 2013 and newer can now support MrSID image files.

A number of customers have contacted us wondering if they can attach MrSID format files as raster images in their MicroSurvey CAD drawings. At present IntelliCAD does not support this format, but you can attach tiff, bmp, jpg, gif or png files. IntelliCAD is planning to add MrSID support in the future.


The trick for now is to convert the MrSID file to a format MSCAD can work with.

Here are two resources that we have learned about:

LizardTech ExpressView (MrSID Browser Plug-in)

This is a free‚ plug-in to your‚ Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox‚ web browser,‚ which allows‚ you to open‚ MrSID images and save them to various formats‚ such as‚ JPG /‚ GIF /‚ BMP /‚ TIF, which can then be opened in MSCAD.


TatukGIS offers a free version of TatukGIS Viewer and a trial version of TatukGIS Editor.‚  Both of these applications can open MrSID files and export them in a variety of formats supported by MSCAD.‚  A .tif file will be exported with an accompanying .tfw file which will allow MSCAD to position the image correctly.

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