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Error Message: Points may be missing from drawing.

At MicroSurvey we are doing a lot to ensure the integrity of your drawing and database. In doing so we check every drawing by default to see if the points and lines in the drawing match what we know in the database. If a point is shown in the database but we can not find it in the drawing or if the point is in the drawing but not in the database, then we give you a warning and let you have the option to fix it. Same sort of thing for lines and arcs. One way this can happen is as follows: You work in a drawing for a while and you decide to erase some points from the screen. The points disappear from the screen and are removed from the database. The database is automatically updated. Now you decide to exit the drawing and you decide that you do not wish to save the changes made in the drawing (in other words the points erased are still required so you simply exit without saving the deletions you made.) PROBLEM: The database was saved immediately so the points no longer exist in the database. They do exist in the drawing. When you re-enter the drawing we detect this discrepancy and give you a warning and some options to help correct it.
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