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Can I place a linetype on my contours

The linetype routine is based upon the length of each straight line segment or circular curved segment. A smoothed contour is a polyline with a continually changing radius and the segments are all very short. The linetype does not display correctly due to the short length of each segment. If the contours are not smoothed, you may still have very short segments ¢‚¬€œ shorter than the definition of the linetype ¢‚¬€œ so they may still not show as desired. The linetype may appear on some portions of the contour and not others. Even playing with the LTSCALE variable may not be of much help here. Perhaps drawing the contours with either a different color ink or wider or thinner lines would help.

In MSCAD 2005 and later, you can edit the properties of the line and turn on the "Continuous linetype" option to make them display properly, but in 2004 or previous this can not be done.


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