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Line or Curve Table Display Order Seems Random

The functions MsAnnotate | Add Tables | Add Lines to Tables or... Add Curves to Tables will allow you to pick lines or curves from your drawing and then pick a location for a table.  A table will be created in the drawing which uses the Text style "Curves" or the  current Bearing text style and labels will be added to the drawing that correspond to the Curve or Line identifiers used in the table.

MicroSurvey is delivered with a default template that allows users to add lines or Curves in the order thaqt they are picked from the drawing.  If you have created a drawing using a different template your drawing may have a setting that interferes with this function.

The setting to check is SORTENTS.  Type this in the command line.

SORTENTS = 96 lines will be added to the table in the order you picked them

SORTENTS = 127 lines will be added to the table in the order they were originally created... or by age

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