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STAR*NET Reports "3D Observation Requires 3D Data Mode" when reading a DAT file from MicroSurvey CAD

MicroSurvey CAD can export any traverse file to STAR*NET in MsTraverse | Star Net Interface.

The dialog below allows you to select a traverse file from your MicroSurvey CAD Project and to browse to the location you would like a STAR*NET dat file to be created. 

The first two setup points will be set as your fixed points by default, you can change this later by editing the dat file in STAR*NET.

After that you run STAR*NET, read the dat file into a project and start your least squares adjustment.

If you choose to export this Traverse in 3D no modifications will be necessary.

If you need to export this traverse in 2D your DV records will need some manual editing:


DV 1-2  20.1234      0.0000

...needs to be edited so it reads:

D 1-2  20.1234     

This is relatively simple to do when editing your dat file in STAR*NET. 

Select Edit | Replace and replace DV entries with D (do this one at a time to prevent accidental changes)

Select Edit | Replace and replace 0.0000 entries with blanks (do this one at a time to prevent accidental changes)



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