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Quickly convert 3D objects to 2D

UPDATE: 2D mode may also be of interest, please review here.

Scale the elevation of Lines, Polylines, CAD Points and other linework with SCALEZ SCALEZ is a good tool to convert any 3D linework to 2D. To make it easy, you can freeze the layers with other information that does not need to be scaled to 2D, prior to running the command. When running the command, pick all of the linework to be converted from 3D to 2D and press enter, then when asked for a Scale Factor, type in the number 0 (zero) and press enter. It effectively scales all the vertices by the value entered, giving new elevations at the ends of lines and other vertices. Using a value of 0 means all the ends of the linework and the other vertices will have their elevations multiplied by 0 which gives a result of 0. This makes the linework 2D at the elevation of 0. If you pick Survey Points, by mistake, they will scale correctly on screen, BUT, the database is not updated automatically. This can lead to many problems. If you do scale the Survey Points, be sure to then update the database from the drawing to ensure they remain in sync with each other. This command can be located under Database Utilities, under the appropriate menu. If you find that commands such as Trim, Fillet, Offset, Expand, etc. do not work, it may be due to one or more of the lines being in 3D. Running SCALEZ, as mentioned, will convert the linework to 2D so these commands will now work on the linework as expected. - SCALEZ can be typed at the command prompt in MSCAD2002 and InCAD 14.01 to 2002 inclusive. - SCALEZ can also be found under the following menu in MSCAD2002 and InCAD 14.01 to 2002 inclusive: Modeling -> Utilities -> Elevation Utilities -> SCALE Z - You can also setup an Alias or desktop button to run SCALEZ, if desired.

Created on: Decemebr 9, 2002

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