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Point Extraction gives me Red Circles.

Q) When I extract points to a surface I sometimes get little red circles on every point I select. Where are they coming from? How did I get these?

A) The order of operation that causes the red circle problem is this:

Step 1) Extract a set of points to your named surface.

Step 2) Extract breaklines to the same named surface.

Step 3) Extract more points to the same named surface BUT in doing so you have picked some duplicate points that you picked in Step 1. Only the duplicates will have the red circles. Be careful not to pick any duplicate points.


Solution)‚ Start the surface over‚ by repeating Step 1 and Step 2 above. ‚ When you extract the point data, make sure the Clear Before Extract button is checked on, as shown below (so it deletes the first surface with the problems). However - when you extract the Breaklines - turn this option back off again! (This way you keep the point data you just extracted and you can add the breakline data to the surface)

Make sure that you have extracted all of the point data before extracting your breaklines.‚ 

If you‚ do need to extract some additional point data after extracting your breaklines, then be sure to NOT pick any of the points that were already extracted earlier and‚ be sure that the check mark Clear Before Extract is‚ NOT on for this additional point data extraction.‚ 

Follow the above steps and you will not see the red circles‚ again.

Glen W. Cameron, C.E.T.

Technical Support Manager

Created on: May 18, 2006

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