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STAR*DNA Log File states: ERROR <Line: X> Incomplete level line at level method record.

Leica DNA automatic levels store their data in gsi files.  The STAR*DNA convertor can be used to convert these files to STAR*NET dat format files.

It is possible to store erroneous or incomplete data in the gsi file, and these can cause error messages to appear when running the convertor.  

Below is an Example:


The Error log above was generated when the gsi file shown below was converted.  The problematic section is highlighted:

In this case two unfinished operations are recorded.  The level operator took observations (in this case backsights) on line 1 & 2 then put in a start of level run coding (lines 3 & 4,) then another backsight observation in line 5 and then input coding for another new level run on lines 6 & 7.

The problem was resolved by inserting .data on and .data off inline entries in the gsi file, and then running the convertor again:

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