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STAR*NET Errors Panel Reports: ERROR Station Incorrectly Connected to Network:

Below is an example of an error message that you might see when attempting to adjust or perform a data check on a network. 

MicroSurvey STAR*NET-PRO Error Log

ERROR Station Incorrectly Connected to Network:  605 
Processing Terminated Due to Errors.

In general terms it is telling the user that there is not enough information to piece together the network.  STAR*NET Requires that you enter enough observations to allow it to compute an approximate coordinate for every station in the network. 

If your project is leveling, it requires enough information to compute an elevation for every point.

If your project is 2D, it requires enough information to compute a Northing and Easting for every point.

If your project is 3D, it requires enough information to compute a Northing, Eastring and Elevation for every point.



I'll describe some typical cases when we see this error message:  

Network may be Missing Data

If your network consists of traverse data this message may indicate there is a "leg" missing.  Or if it was a collection of vectors some of the observations may depend on a station which was not observed from any other known stations or had its coordinates entered as a "C" or "P" record.  You can always test a network for missing data by using the "data check" function and checking the plot screen to see if the results meet your rough expectations.

Network is Dependant on Sideshots

If there are sideshots included in your data (either GPS sideshots or "SS" records in a conventional data) and part of the network "hinges" on that sideshot you will see that error message.  Sideshots are intended to be "rayed in" after the main network is adjusted but are not intended to be part of the main network.  

For example below I'll show you a section of a traverse that should look like the screenshot below:

This traverse will give you an error message if the input data is written as below:

But NOT if the input data is written as below:

The difference is that the SS records are disregarded when STAR*NET is parsing the data to create a network.  The only records that are being considered are the "DV" records which are simply backsight checks.  In this case it was easy to address the issue by using Edit | Replace and replacing all instances of SS with M.

The converters usually provide options that allow you to control whether SS or M records will be created when the data is being converted, and this usually allows you to take control over the issue without having to manually edit your data:

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