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Welcome to our new Help Center!

Welcome to our new Help Center!

MicroSurvey's Helpdesk Knowledgebase has been moved to a new and updated platform, but will retain all functionality from past implementations:

Access to our highly qualified support team will be the same as always, and any client can log into Helpdesk and review or maintain their support history as they have done in the past. New security requirements will require a one-time password update for any client account. Please click on “Forgot Password” and check your email to complete this task.

Customers will be able to contact our support team 3 ways:

  • Email [email protected] and a ticket will be created for you
  • For time sensitive matters, please call 1-800-668-3312 or 0-250-707-0000 to speak with a representative
  • Sign in to helpdesk at and “Start a conversation”

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