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Program not responding at Start-Up

We are seeing a issue with certain AMD and ATI graphics cards not being able to run our CAD software. The symptoms will occur at startup and usually will not get past that and the program will become unresponsive. You are then forced to terminate the program if it doesn't shut down automatically.


We have found that temporarily disabling the graphics card in the Windows settings will allow the program to run.  If you are unsure of how to perform this operation please contact your computer retailer, or if none is available contact MicroSurvey support and we'll do our best to guide you.  If this does solve the issue your facing please log into our HelpDesk and submit a support ticket letting us know exactly what make and model of the graphics card your computer has that is apparently incompatable. Also check the Hoops graphics card compatibility page to verify if your card is compatible. 

Link to our HelpDesk to submit a ticket:

Link to the HOOPS graphics card compatibility page:


If you have an issue with an Invidia graphics adapter see this article.

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