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MicroSurvey CAD 2005 SP1.3 Release Notes

March 15, 2006

  • OC Records - Fixed a bug that would force the coordinates for an OC record to get stored even though a point already existed in the project database. We are no longer storing OC records as store point raw records when reading in TDS or FieldGenius files. Legacy OC store point records are no longer processed during recoordination. Legacy OC records are still shown in ADT raw editor as store point records.
  • SAREA - this command would eventually crash the program if you selected a lot of faces. This is now fixed.
  • MAKEALIGN - MSCAD running on the Windows 2000 platform would crash if you selected an arc using the MAKEALIGN command.
  • Least Squares - Fixed a problem that could cause a crash to occur during a Least Squares computation.
  • Resection - MSCAD 2005 can now handle TDS resection records that have a distance equal to zero.
  • Area (Sliding Bearing) - Updated the sliding bearing predetermined area routine so that an arc is temporarily displayed when arc boundaries are defined.
  • Error ETY6C58 - Fixed an error that would occur when starting up MSCAD and running SyncWizard. If you have "User defined folders" and the download folder path begins with "\\" you would see the following error code: ETY6C58. This has been fixed.
  • Input Scale - COGO recalled distances were being scaled by the input scale factor if the input scale toggle is on. Now updated so it doesn't do this.
  • COGO Description- The description you last entered during COGO was not always available at the next COGO description prompt. The problem has now been resolved.
  • Horizontal Filter - If the horizontal filter in the Traverse Editor was used, the vertical angle would change to 90‚° on all traverse records that contained slope distances equal to zero. This is now fixed so the vertical angle value doesn't change.
  • Auto House Tie - This function can now be used on 3D lines. When 3D objects are selected it will normalize them and compute a 2D offset instead of 3D.
  • Contour Smoothing - Contouring plines that had only 2 vertices would crash the program, this is now fixed
  • AutoSite Design - You would sometime see a "Rejected Function" message when you tried to create a pad.‚  We now thaw the TEMPDESIGN layer automatically, before trying to set it current.
  • Surface Configuration - If you save a surface configuration, you could sometimes crash MSCAD if the name was unique. This problem has been resolved.
  • Hardware Changes - MicroSurvey CAD can sense when hardware has been changed in your computer and this requires that you add a second password to the license file. When this situation occurs, you will see a message explaining the situation and will automatically take you to the registration screen.
  • Trimmed Smart Lines - If you have a line in the database, with a symbol on each endpoint so it is trimmed a bit, if you used the ENTPROP command to change any of the line properties (Linetype, layer, linewidth, ltscale, etc) the line would be removed from the database. This has been fixed so the properties can be changed without affecting the database connectivity information.
  • Traverse Closure - These routines were not working correctly with FieldGenius multisets. The traverse closure program would not recognize RF records. This has been fixed so RF records can be used by the closure program.
  • Closed Traverse - This routine has been updated to display information about what points are being used for the closure and what the mis-closure is.
  • Closed Traverse - This routine will now allow you to continue if the error is greater than 1.0 meters.
  • Traverse Angle Adjustment - This has been updated so that as each point is being updated, point protection is triggered just like any other point.
  • Open Traverse - Updated the dialog to display more information about how to complete the adjustment.
  • Closed and Open Traverse Adjustments - If there were traverse shots or comments after the closing foresight shot, the closing shot point would not be adjusted. Note - the correct adjustment amount was still applied correctly to all other points. This is now fixed.
  • Angle Balance - Closed loop traverse reports displayed an incorrect closure distance and direction. This has been fixed.
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