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Creating a Custom Ellipsoid in Star*Net 8

The process of creating a custom Ellipsoid in MicroSurvey's new Star*Net version 8 has changed quite drastically from the previous Star*Net V7.

All custom Ellipsoids must be created in the custom coordinate system editor found in the Options menu under Project options in the GRID section.

In previous versions of MicroSurvey's Star*Net the user had to edit a .CUS file and would enter in the Equitorial Radius (a) and the Inverse Flattening (1/f) value and would automatically get the Polar Radius (b) value from the two. In Version 8 the user must enter in the Equatorial Radius and the Polar Radius to allow Star*Net to calculate the Flattening value. The formula for this is b=a-fa   

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