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Tracker and Tracker Extreme Out of Memory Errors


Sometimes when‚ starting FieldGenius, the‚ data collector‚ may‚ display a‚ message‚ "Available free memory space is‚ 11 MB and a minimum of 12 MB is required, continuing may cause inconsistent program behaviour.‚  Continue with program start up?" and you can select Yes or No.


This is usually a harmless situation, and is not a cause for any concern‚ about possible‚ hardware or software problems.‚  It normally indicates that another program is running on the device, using up memory that FieldGenius needs.‚  The most common cause is if‚ the device is‚ currently (or was recently) connected to ActiveSync.


This‚ can‚ usually be resolved by disconnecting the device from ActiveSync, exiting from any other applications you have running on the device,‚ and/or performing a Warm Boot or Soft Reset on the device.‚  On‚ a Tracker or Tracker Xtreme, tap on Start | Programs | Tools‚ | Warm Boot.‚  The data collector will restart and should then carry on normally.

If this message persists, you‚ may also‚ increase the amount of program memory available to the‚ device by adjusting how the‚ device divides its memory between storage memory and‚ program memory.‚ ‚ Tap on‚ to Start | Settings | Control Panel | System icon | Memory tab | and adjusting the slider. Moving it left will provide more Program Memory at the expense of having less Storage Memory - this is OK because all storage of the FieldGenius application and your project data is stored on the internal storage card which is not‚ affected by adjusting this slider.


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