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Nautiz X8 Manual and Factory Reset instructions

Please download the Nautiz x8 Manual from below to learn detailed information about caring for your device.

Below are some frequently requested instructions from the manual:


To perform a Hard Reset (Cold Boot)

1. Press the Power button for 3 seconds and choose the Hard Reset on the power menu.

2. When the reset is complete the Desktop appears.

To perform a Hard Reset if the Nautiz has stopped responding, press and hold the Power button for 8 seconds until the terminal starts to re-boot.


To perform a factory reset:

(This will clear all installed programs, Data and MicroSurvey Settings) - Be sure all your data has been saved out of the collector

1. Perform a Hard Reset

2. the terminal will reboot automatically and you will see first a black screen and then a "Handheld" screen

3. Press "1277" quickly before the when version information is displayed and then you will enter the bootloader menu.

4. This will present you with three choices.  Select the second choice by pressing "12" and then <enter> to perform a factory reset.

5. When the clean boot is completed, do a touch calibration.




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