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Windows Mobile Device Center does not launch when you connect your Mobile Device

Please Note: Windows Mobile Device Center is no longer supported by Microsoft or MicroSurvey.  Some customers have reported that the utility works on newer computers but in most cases the software will not detect when a mobile device is connected to the USB cable.  Please obtain a memory card or USB drive for reliable data transfer between your computer and Windows controller.

Under normal circumstances, connecting a mobile device that uses the Windows CE or Windows Mobile operating system to a Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 or newer PC will launch "Windows Mobile Device Center" (WMDC) which will allow you to browse the contents of the data collector and copy and paste files to your PC.  You also need this type of connection if installing a MicroSurvey field product or if you wish to use MicroSurvey Transfer to upload and download field files.

  • The data collector should be powered on and any MicroSurvey program installed on the mobile device closed
  • You will need to install "Windows Mobile Device Center" which can be accessed from the link below:

  • If it is your first time connecting, there may be some delay while drivers are being loaded, and you may need to restart your PC or mobile device.
  • If the device still doesn’t connect automatically, or if it stops automatically connecting, check in Settings | Connections | USB to PC and uncheck or check “Enable Advanced Connectivity," and wait for the driver to refresh itself.
  • If you have Windows 10 a recent update (June 2017) has introduced connectivity issues for some users.  Juniper systems has posted a simple to use patch and more extensive documention on the issue, we recomend visiting this web page.

As a short term, you can quickly copy files between your data collector and your PC using a zip drive, an SD card or a CF card, depending on the type of port your data collector offers.  This article goes over steps if you need to install software using a memory device rather than the WMDC connection.

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