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Customizing Startup Behaviour on the Leica CS20 Controller

When first delivered, Captivate will launch on a CS20 when you power up the controller. Captivate must be turned off so you can launch FieldGenius, EvidenceRecorder or Layout. This behaviour can be changed.

NOTE: This is automatically configured at installation with the current versions of FieldGenius, EvidenceRecorder and Layout.

To disable the Captivate application from launching at power-up:

  • Search online and download an application called "Simple Little Registry Editor"
  • Transfer the RegEdit.exe file to a SD card or USB drive
  • Open Windows Explorer on the CS20 and browse to the location where the RegEdit.exe file is on your external storage
  • Run the RegEdit.exe file, this will open the registry editor
  • Change PowerOffFromSmartWorx to 0
  • Power off and power on

To Enable FieldGenius, EvidenceRecorder or Layout to launch at power-up:

  • Once installed, you will see the installed program icon on the Desktop. Tap and hold the icon, and select "Copy" from the context menu that appears.
  • Open "My Device"
  • Open ":Windows"
  • Open "Startup"
  • Edit | Paste
  • Power off and power on
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